SurveilStar Corporate IT Solution

Product Uses

record any activity performed by a user on your computer.
keep track of what employees are doing during business hours.
see what your children are doing on your computer.
see what others are doing on their computers from any remote location.
monitor and record all internet related activities.
stealthly and invisibly monitor websites, chats, emails, application, etc.

Two Big Benefits

Increase Productivity: Statistics show that surveillance disciplines employees and improves their productivity. Employees tend to perform better when they are being monitored - or even when they think they may be monitored. SurveilStar Any Employee Monitoring successfully accomplishes this goal by constantly monitoring your employees’ working environment - their computers. And also record screenshot of everything they are doing on their computers. ...

Data Protection: At least 2 of 5 employees will copy company confidential information and take it away, and 1 will leak the information accidentally or intentionally. SurveilStar Any Employee Monitor can help you to track employee's working time to find this dangerous behavior. ...

Internet Explorer Inprivate Browsing Employee Monitor

to control employee online activity on Internet Explorer with the employee monitoring software
employee monitoring software to monitor chrome

Internet Explorer 9 is a good tool for checking your mail and accessing the Internet, Internet Explorer 9 supports HTML5, which has been widely advitised by Microsoft, HTML5 lets you play video and sound without the need of another plugin or software (like Adobe Flash player). It also allow you to do other things including play cool games without the need of flash. Internet Explorer 9 is faster than IE8. But Internet Explorer 9 is less secure than other browsers, and sites not written in standard HTML can look "broken" in Internet Explorer 9. it uses ActiveX controls, which are notoriously unsafe, and allow for the easy spread of spyware.

It's reported that most of the employees spend about 25 percent of their work time doing personal stuff online, and the employers doesn't even know it. Employees tend to spend work time browsing eBay auctions, using online dating or social networking sites, chatting over IM, and more, and they do it for just over a quarter of the time they spend at work. As an employer, what is your reaction when you read this report? A growing number of employers have turned to surveillance technology to monitor their employee.

How to Turn on InPrivate Browsing?

To turn on InPrivate Browsing, do any of the following:

q4 Click the Safety button, and then click InPrivate Browsing.

q4 Open a new tab, and then, on the new tab page, click Open an InPrivate Browsing window.

q4 Press Ctrl+Shift+P.

Internet Explorer Employee Monitoring Software is the best way to control what your employees can access online.

employee monitoring software to monitor Internet Explorer

Reasons to monitor employees on Internet Explorer

• Computers and Internet connection is company property

• Employee productivity losses

• Employee morale is low if they are not doing what they're supposed to be doing

• Catch trade secrets which might leave the company illegally

• Protect the business from sexual harassment defamation or illegal activity lawsuits

Why Employers Need Internet Explorer Inprivate Browsing Employee Monitor?

Employees are smart enough to use Inprivate browsing function in Internet Explorer to escape from employer's tracking or just delete the browsing history, employees will surf the internet, shopping on, play online games, visiting SNS sites such as Facebook, Twitter, My Space and etc. Employees may do a lot more when the employer is away, employees may download videos from the Internet, occupying the bandwidth of company network, lowering the network speed, more seriously, they may leak trade secrets intentionally or unintentionally. As an employer, what should you do to avoid work inefficiency and protect company intelligence? Internet Explorer Inprivate Browsing Employee Monitor is the answer.

employee monitoring software to monitor employee computer

Install this Internet Explorer Inprivate Browsing Employee Monitor and let your employees know that all their computer activities are recorded. Just knowing that they're monitored, employees work more efficiently. Statistics confirm that surveillance improves employee discipline and their productivity.

Key Features of SurveilStar Internet Explorer Inprivate Browsing Employee Monitor:

• Take real-time screen snapshots, monitor remotely multi-computer screens, and review screen history

• Record both sent and received emails and webmails from Yahoo, Hotmail, Outlook / Outlook Express, etc.

• Record instant messages from AOL Chat, AIM, Yahoo Messenger, Facebook & Myspace Chat, etc.

• Record all websites visited and let you know which websites they visited and how much time they spent on the sites.

• Present a statistic on pages visited, time and length of visit, the application usage.

• Provide the password to ensure that only authorized people have access to SurveilStar Internet Explorer Employee Monitor Software.

• Much more features...

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